The Studio

Tactile Media is a design consultancy providing creative and development services. Our studio has established a reputation for producing beautiful, rendered user interfaces which, combined with years of technical experience, produce professional, working results.

User Experience Design

Practical, real world experience spanning almost 2 decades is applied to solving design challenges and creating compelling user experiences.

Custom Interface

Fluent in both vector and bitmap graphics, we know what it takes to build an effective user interface and render it beautifully in the process.

LiveCode Development

Tactile Media has developed tools, applications, and experiences in the LiveCode development environment for more than 15 years.

The Work

A selection of design and development projects created for a range of clients

The Hardware

Various hardware devices for which UX/UI was designed

G910 Gaming Keyboard, Logitech
UE BOOM Speakers, Logitech
Squeezebox Music Player, Logitech
G930 Gaming Headset, Logitech
Wireless DJ, Logitech
io Digital Pen, Logitech
Internet Kitchen Appliance, Be

The Comments

Clients comment on working with Tactile Media


...the consumate graphic design, multimedia, and interface professional.
- Reid Hoffman
Co-founder, LinkedIn


...instrumental in giving a vision for the next generation of software we worked on.
- Paul McAlpine
Senior Manager, Logitech


...leaps and bounds better than what we have today.
- Adam Fenn
Director of Events, FloSports


...has taken my very broad concepts and transformed them into amazing interactive user experiences.
- Bill Prescott
Senior Manager, Logitech

Going beyond just design, we care about usability and effective communication, and strive to deliver empowering experiences.

The Form

Voice: 408-661-4628
Fax: 208-977-1604

1484 Pollard Rd #164
Los Gatos, CA 95008